Community Learning Partnership of Greater Miami Shores

Community Learning Partnership

About Us

About Our Partnership

The Community Learning Partnership of Greater Miami Shores (CLP) was established in 2008 by leaders from local businesses, organizations, and public and private educational institutions who seek to serve as a catalyst for civic engagement and quality education that benefits and strengthens relationships in our community.

The CLP's purpose is to provide a forum for sharing community, school, and university educational resources and opportunities that support three program components: Student Leadership Development, Teacher Professional Development, and Community Engagement.


  • Provide a forum for sharing community, school, and university educational opportunities
  • Minimize barriers between students, faculty, and staff; culturally, socioeconomically, geographically, ethnically, professionally, and reach out to underserved populations
  • Leverage resources
  • Create shared experiences that help strengthen a sense of community engagement among our students, teachers, parents, business leaders, and other members of our community

Program Components

Three Program Components have been identified based on stated community, school, and organizational needs and interests.

  1. Student Leadership Development
    Annual topics are explored through experiential, student led projects and community conversations designed to enhance critical thinking and expand perspectives through greater civic engagement and service.
  2. Teacher Professional Development
    Teaching excellence is enhanced for all CLP teachers, faculty, staff, and administrators through partnering to expand training offerings and share faculty expertise, resources, and best practices.
  3. Community Engagement
    Personal and social responsibility is fostered among all school, university, and community members through collaborative projects and speakers that positively impact and transform our neighborhoods and local community.

Program Goals

  1. Create a forum for community members, students, and teachers, in the Miami Shores area to learn from each other and explore topics from a variety of perspectives.
    Measure of Success:
    • The creation and delivery of engagement opportunities, such as meetings, speakers, professional development opportunities, events, etc.
    • Assess needs through formal and informal methods such as roundtable discussion, forums & evaluation tools
    • Use faculty expertise from partnership schools to help accomplish learning objective
  2. Offer students an opportunity to examine their attitudes and behaviors through the learning and awareness that comes from their interactions with each other
    Measure of Success:
    • Create annual learning objectives that will be assessed in terms of their impact/attainment
    • A measureable difference in the scores on a pre- and post-assessment (quantitative)
    • Self-reported changes in attitudes and behaviors will be gathered (qualitative)
  3. Create greater civic engagement in common activities and highlight programs offered by individual institutions.
    Measure of Success:
    • Each Partnership school will be asked to share what they are doing related to the topic or issue
    • Students will be asked to take the lead on developing the presentations that are shared at the events and Community Conversations
  4. Reduce cost for programmatic activities and enhance quality through sharing resources.
    Measure of Success:
    • Schools will contribute a dollar amount related to their interest in having their schools participate in the program
    • Cost for events and speakers will be shared among interested partnership organization
  5. Offer a model for other communities seeking to create civic engagement through partnership projects
    Measure of Success:
    • All steps in the development of this project will be documented and posted on website
    • On-going evaluation, both formal and informal, will be conducted and documented
  6. Collaborate on opportunities to attract corporate and foundation financial support to offset programmatic costs
    Measure of Success:
    • A plan will be developed to clearly outline steps needed to obtain resources
    • Action steps will be identified to attain annual goals